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Daily Update

For September 13th, 2013


Member Update

One the most important features of the ACX money-making
system is the ability to pay Daily Sales Commission and
panel Rebates indefinitely. We are able to do this though
periodic XpressShifts.

We are excited to announce that the first XpressShift in ACX
history is about to happen. Eligible members will be receiving
expedited conversions of a portion of their active Ad Packs
into Ad Panels. This will provide a huge boost to Ad Panel
earnings because additional panels will be provided members
for free, which allows for more to be earned in the long run.

Members can take comfort in knowing that ACX managers are
following the promptings of the system's sophisticated
algorithm that dictates when an XpressShift is required. It is
this one feature that allows members to keep making money.

During the XpressShift, the following actions on the website
will be temporarily halted due to required maintenance:

- Purchase of Ad Packs or Ad Panels
- Daily Sales Commissions will not be paid
- Withdrawals will not function

Our goal is to help each member of ACX be able to maximize
the profitability of this amazing system. Watch for more details
coming soon. And remember, this is a very positive sign that
the system is working as it is designed to; Frederick Mann's
program is being managed properly. Details of important
cut-off dates and percentages will be presented during the
next few hours and also when the XpressShift is completed.

The EMG Conference Call will be held later today. We
encourage all members to attend as details of the XpressShift
will be discussed also.

05:00 Server Time - Friday, September 13, 2013.

(That is Thursday evening at 11:00 PM (EDT) for members in
the Americas.)


No password required.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to support you in your
financial journey.

ACX Executive Team