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September 12th, 2013

GOOD NEWS! The XpressShift is ON!

The very reason for our successfully continuous EXISTENCE is the the mechanism called the XpressShift!

If you never have had the privilege to be eligible for an XpressShift before, you are in for a treat!
Those eligible for XpressShift participation may see that they:
- Have gained EXTRA Panels that will be “XpressShift-converted”

- Have had a percent of their active Ad Packages convert, expiring them early

- Have a new amount of cash added to their Wallet
If you don’t have Ad Panels already, and haven’t upgraded to Silver, a Waiver of Silver Level requirement is in place for converted Ad Panels through the XpressShift.

Read more about the XpressShift:

The next thing to do is maximize this situation and add more funds to build up your Active Ad Packages - having more Ad Packages converting into Ad Panels is how you can speed up earning those Panel Rebates of up to $60.

You should also take a look at your new Ad Panels and identify those that need an Accelerator Upgrade.  Buying Nitro Accelerators will cause your Panels to fill much faster. Currently, Nitro Accelerators are filling in about 24-48 hours, meaning that many Rebates are being paid out in only a matter of days! Then you can choose to withdraw the Rebate or use it to buy even more Ad Packages, Ad Panels or Accelerate your existing Panels.

All your referrals need to understand the purpose of the XpressShift. It is a FACT, that without an XpressShift, there is ZERO chance of continuing the lucrative ACX Opportunity.  It is THE ONE THING that allows you to keep receiving daily commissions and Rebates.
Anyone who speaks negatively about the XpressShift really doesn’t understand its importance. Promote and emit confidence and not doubts, or face the consequences of having your referrals hesitate, or even worse, go elsewhere.

We are thrilled you are part of this historic time at ACX.  Watch for further details and updates coming soon.  

To Your Continued Success
Ad Click Xpress Support Team