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Terms of Service
Ad Click Xpress Terms of Service

DISCLAIMER: The provision of information by Ad Click Xpress and its related pages constitutes the dissemination of information in accordance with the right to free speech. Nothing on these pages is to be interpreted as legal, accounting, tax, currency, banking, or investment advice. Anyone seeking such advice should consult properly qualified and accredited professionals. All readers of these pages are emphatically advised to obey all laws to the letter. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES FEATURED HERE ARE VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LOCAL LAWS. Participants in any activity related to Ad Click Xpress, participate at their own risk. Participants agree to hold the Ad Click Xpress owners, managers, and operators harmless in respect of any losses incurred as a result of participation in any activity related to Ad Click Xpress.

In order to join Ad Click Xpress and become a member, you must indicate on the Ad Click Xpress sign-up form that you agree to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Terms and Conditions

1. Being of sound mind and legal age, I hereby agree that I have requested information about Ad Click Xpress, a lead-generating and online-success system.

2. I have read the General Disclaimer above. I understand it and undertake to abide by it.

3. I hereby affirm that nobody has solicited me or enticed me to register with Ad Click Xpress against my will.

4. I understand that if I decide to join Ad Click Xpress, I will be joining a private association that includes the ability to build a base of leads that I can use for any home-based business I wish to promote.

5. I have NOT been led to believe that this activity is an investment activity, franchise, or employment opportunity.

6. I affirm that I am not an employee or official of any government agency, nor am I acting on behalf of or collecting information for or on behalf of any government agency.

7. I affirm that I am not an employee, by contract or otherwise, of any media or research company, and I am not reading any of the Ad Click Xpress pages in order to collect information for someone else.

8. I affirm that all the information about or related to Ad Click Xpress (other than that on the pages available to non-members and the marketing materials authorized for public use) is proprietary and confidential and I will not reveal said information to anyone else.

9. I affirm that any suggestions of how much can possibly be earned with Ad Click Xpress does not constitute a promise that any specific individual will achieve any particular level of earnings. I understand that there are no earnings guarantees and that any money I risk may be lost.

10. I hereby affirm that my registration as an Ad Click Xpress Member is an act of my own volition, and will entitle me access to private and confidential information which I will keep confidential.

11. Sending "spam" (unsolicited email) to promote Ad Click Xpress is not allowed. If the Ad Click Xpress managers determine that a member used spam to promote Ad Click Xpress, that membership may be terminated immediately. For more information, see our Spam Policy.

12. Ad Click Xpress members receive their own unique webpages which they may use to promote Ad Click Xpress.

13. The Ad Click Xpress service is provided on an as-is basis. No guarantees or warranties are provided that the service will be available at any particular times or that it will satisfy any particular quality expectations. The owners and managers of Ad Click Xpress are held harmless in respect of any failure or degradation of service.

14. Any member may terminate his or her membership at any time by using the Account Deactivation feature in the Member Area. Once a membership has been deactivated, it CANNOT be restored. If you choose to deactivate your membership, you may lose all of your referrals. You may also forfeit all future benefits from Ad Click Xpress, including the right to receive refunds.

15. The Ad Click Xpress managers may refer to the Legal Compliance Department for action should a member be found in violation of company policy. The Legal Compliance Department has the discretion to close member accounts for wrongdoing, but will be scrupulously fair and diligent in determining all the facts before suggesting any such action to the Executive staff.

16. The Ad Click Xpress managers may ignore unnecessary emails sent to them. The primary example of an unnecessary email is a question already answered on the Ad Click Xpress website. All members and prospective members should read the entire Ad Click Xpress website thoroughly.

17. The Ad Click Xpress managers may change any aspect of the Ad Click Xpress program (except the privacy policy) at any time without notice.

18. The Ad Click Xpress program may not be abused in any way - this includes attempting to discredit the company in any way. Any member who abuses Ad Click Xpress will be removed and banned from re-entering. All decisions made by the Ad Click Xpress managers are final and not subject to recourse.

19. From time to time, the Ad Click Xpress managers may import the entire Ad Click Xpress membership into another program, maintaining the Ad Click Xpress genealogy. This will also be done on the basis that people imported into the other program will have to activate their accounts by a certain deadline in order to become members of the other program. If they don't activate their accounts by the deadline, they will be dropped from the other program. One benefit of this procedure is that Ad Click Xpress members receive their Ad Click Xpress downline in the other program (to the extent that accounts are activated). Another benefit is that those who don't want to be in the new program will be dropped automatically if they do nothing. Prior to such an import, Ad Click Xpress managers will inform all Ad Click Xpress members via email and in the Member Area of the expected import and the reasons for it. Subsequent to the import, managers of the other program will email those imported from Ad Click Xpress to explain the benefits of the other program, and to provide them with the procedure to activate their accounts, should they wish to become members of the other program. More than one email may be sent by the managers of the other program. (Ad Click Xpress members who don't activate their accounts in the other program by the deadline will be dropped from that program.) Ad Click Xpress members agree to receive the emails referred to in this rule 19. (Privacy: Any import per this rule 19 will be on the basis that the managers of the other program will not abuse the Ad Click Xpress email addresses in any way. Once the deadline has been reached, all unactivated accounts in the other program will be deleted and the email addresses for these deleted accounts will not be retained by managers of the other program.)

20. You agree that all payments to Ad Click Xpress Admin are final and that Ad Click Xpress has a strict no-refund policy, except in cases where Ad Click Xpress expressly allows refunds.

21. It is your responsibility to make sure your payment system account IDs are accurate and up-to-date. Ad Click Xpress is not responsible for any missed payments due to inaccurate information or the upkeep of your payment system accounts.

22. It is your responsibility to check your payment system accounts to be sure you actually received all payments that you should have received. Because certain payments might be made made member to member in Ad Click Xpress, the Ad Click Xpress system cannot confirm that any payments between members were actually made.

23. When members fund their Ad Click Xpress Wallets, the purpose of such funding is to buy Ad Click Xpress Advertising and other Ad Click Xpress Products. Members may not withdraw newly added funds (from "external funding") from their Ad Click Xpress Wallets before purchasing in the above programs, only withdrawing what has been earned from these activities or referral earned.

24. Individual Ad Click Xpress members are not responsible for the performance of Ad Click Xpress or any other programs, products, and services provided by Ad Click Xpress. Individual Ad Click Xpress members, including those who introduce, sponsor, or refer other members, incur no liabilities or obligations in respect of Ad Click Xpress's financial decisions and directions and any other programs, products, and services launched .

Ad Click Xpress Traffic Xchange Terms of Service
Updated: March 21, 2013

Please read the Terms of Service in its entirety before submitting your sites to the Ad Click Xpress Traffic Xchange for approval. Any member found in violation of the following terms, will have any accounts associated with Ad Click Xpress terminated without warning. Ad Click Xpress reserves the right to reject any site that we deem inappropriate or a violation of the Terms.

We DO NOT accept the following sites:
  • Sites related to porn, gambling, adult, hate, illicit material, warez, immoral activities, copyrighted material, illegal or offensive content, etc.
  • Violation of intellectual property (IP) rights
  • Sites that are misleading, fraud or spam
  • Sites with pop ups or exit pop ups while leaving a page
  • Sites that have frame breakers. Sites must keep within the frame specified
  • Sites that have loud music/sound/video without an off/pause/mute switch
  • Sites that attempt to download files automatically
  • Non-English sites
  • Ad Click Xpress referral sites in the form of splash pages, lead capture pages and direct referral links. Any site that primarily advertises Ad Click Xpress
  • Donation sites
  • Sites that are misleading or are covering (hiding) the actual content
  • Sites that attempt to get Ad Click Xpress Traffic Xchange credits from other members. Any site using a link shortener or rotator
  • Not-found-404 Error
  • Proof of income
  • White pages with captcha blocking sites are not permitted
Requirements of Membership
  1. This Term of Service is a binding agreement between you, the member, and Ad Click Xpress.com, the owner of the Ad Click Xpress Traffic Xchange.
  2. You must add site(s) that are ONLY accepted within the Terms of the Ad Click Xpress Traffic Xchange. Any sites that do not meet the criteria stated in the Terms will be rejected.
  3. Members are required to view the number of websites, according to the amount of active advertising the Member has purchased.
  4. Members are not required to view websites in order to withdraw.
  5. All Sites must be in English ONLY.
  6. Ad Click Xpress.com is not responsible for income claims or any types of promises with the sites in rotation. You may join any advertised sites on our rotator at your own risk.
  7. Ad Click Xpress.com is not responsible for any loss of profit, damages or costs that you may suffer due to using the website or inability of using the website or services.
  8. Your Ad Click Xpress credits are non transferrable to any other member accounts or any third party or be sold to anyone for any reason.
  9. Ad Click Xpress.com is committed to protecting your privacy. Your information will NOT be shared with any parties outside of this program.
  10. You may cancel your membership at anytime. To officially cancel an account and be permanently remove from the Ad Click Xpress system, submit a support ticket to our HelpDesk. Please note that this will terminate your Ad Click Xpress.com membership resulting in all your existing funds, active positions, advertising credits as well as all referrals being forfeited.
  11. Any member found violating these terms risk having their Ad Click Xpress.com account terminated without warning. Should there be a dispute regarding the termination, you may write directly to our HelpDesk department.
  12. We reserve the right to modify and update the Terms of Service at any time, with or without notice.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, please contact us at [email protected]