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Daily Update

For August 16th,2013


Greetings from the ACX Executive Team!

Payza Is Back!

We are thrilled to announce that Payza will now handle
funding and withdrawal transactions for ACX members
worldwide. The recent acquisition of Profit Clicking and
Click Paid has put ACX in a very positive position, thus
convincing Payza to reestablish a relationship with all
ACX members. We encourage everyone who has money
in their Payza account to fund their ACX account ASAP
and buy more Ad Packs. Don’t forget, with New money
from Payza, you can access additional funds from your
PC wallets, and soon to be available CP wallets.


Click Paid Website:

Our new members from Click Paid will soon be able to
complete the migration process to ACX. Please login to
the Click Paid website and review your account.


Soon an 80% Click Exchange (Restart) will be posted in your
account, which means that 20% of your CP Ad Packs will
transfer to ACX directly, and they will pay ACX Daily Earnings
of up to 2% (1% on weekends) going forward; the Restart
amount of your CP earnings (80%) will be available to you
in a special CP wallet. This money found in your CP wallet
can be accessed each time you purchase new ACX Ad Packs,
whether you buy with New money from pay processors, or
repurchase Ad Packs from your Daily Earnings. The
migration is set to happen very shortly, so please log in to
your Click Paid account for more details.

More good news for Click Paid Members is that the ACX
Ad Panels program was successfully launched on August
8th. Now you’ll be able to purchase Ad Panels for $20
and receive a rebate up to $60 when your panel is
completed. Of course, Ad Packs that expire will also convert
into Ad Panels (4:1) for even more earning potential.

As always, we want to thank ALL ACX Members for allowing
us the opportunity of supporting you as you work to reach
your financial dreams.

Here’s to another successful next week!

ACX Executive Team