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Greetings !

Everyone wants to see the funniest photos on the
new ACX Media Xchange. To make things even more
fun, for a limited time you can receive a $5 Media
Upload Reward for sharing your best images with the
membership! There are thousands of sites on the
internet where you can find suitable images, so have
some fun with this.

For every 10th approved uploaded image, you will
receive one $5 Media Upload Reward in your Media
Wallet! Use all your $5 Media Upload Rewards to
build your account by purchasing Media Packs, Ad
Packages, Membership Upgrades, Ad Panels or

Don't forget to tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW how fun
the Media System is and share your custom affiliate
pages you create with the Media Sharing feature!

To upload your media:

- Click to Switch to the MEDIA SYSTEM
- Click on MEDIA XCHANGE in the left sidebar


- Click on ADD MEDIA
- Select the TYPE OF MEDIA: Image
- Select the MEDIA CATEGORY: (Entertainment)
- Enter the MEDIA TITLE: Choose a funny name
or sentence for your image
- Enter a minimum of 40 CREDITS (you can assign
more than 40 Credits if you choose to)
- Click on SELECT MEDIA FILE to capture your image
- Click on ADD MEDIA to upload it

Helpful hints to ensure approval of your media uploads:

- Images must be humorous and entertaining
- Approved media with less than 40 credits assigned
will not be considered as qualified media for the Media
Upload Reward
- Duplicate images may not be approved, so search
for media which is very special, hopefully your own.
- Text must be in English (other languages will be
considered at a later time)
- Make sure images are large enough to be seen
(greater than 250 x 150 is ideal)
- No offensive or demeaning images (respect traditions,
cultures and beliefs of members worldwide)
- Images with copyright protection should not be submitted
- Images with web site addresses or company names
anywhere on the image or in the title will normally NOT
be approved.

For additional information please review the Media
Terms of Service:


You will earn $5 Media Upload Rewards once the images
have been approved, within approximately 24 hours.

This is a limited time offer, so don't delay. Round up
all the fun photos and images you can find and make
some extra money the easy way!

Show Us the Funny and We'll Show You the Money!!!


Thank you again for choosing to be part of ACX.
We are doing everything in our power to make this
experience profitable and pleasing for everyone.
We know why you are here, and we know how to
help you make more money!

Help us make yourself successful, at ACX!

ACX Executive Team

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